Spyware Profile for CoolWebSearch

CoolWebSearch is one of the most insidious, annoying and commonly known browser hijackers.  It is able to infiltrate your computer, exploiting security holes in older or unpatched version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are many variations of CoolWebSearch and each one has its own performance and actions.  It will redirect your homepage and search queries to other sites, including “adult” sites.
This malware should be removed immediately through ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

Also Known As:
Cool Web Search, CWS, CoolSearcher,
BootConf MSInfo, SvcHost, DNSRelay,
DataNotary Trojan.Norio, Jetseeker, winlink,
XPlugin, coolwwwsearch,  Aze Search,
Toolbar Trojan.StartPage, (Sunbelt) WinRes Spyware,
CHM.A ieak6.CWS, CoolWebSearch.info

Associated Files:

addclass.exe, auf0.exe,
bundle.exe, ctfmon32.exe,
d15.exe, directx.exe,
editpad.exe, emusic.exe,
exe.dll, exploit.exe, f10213.exe,
f33095.exe, file[1].exe,
Fingerprint.exe, grkyrtc.exe,
htH0.exe, ie4setup.exe,
ie4unp.exe, ieak6.exe,
iecust.exe, iecust.exe,
iedll.exe. iinstall.exe,
ipvcx6.exe, irleprfg.exe,
kdczsrv.exe, kspnaaaa.exe,
msinfo.exe, msupdate.exe,
msupdate.exe, msupdate.exe,
msupdate.exe, nbtrstat.exe,
netupd32.exe, oyqsnell.exe,
qttasks.exe, quicken.exe,
quicken.exe, svchost32.exe,

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4 Responses

  1. Rita Failt says:

    I had coolwebsearch and ZaZZeR coming up on my AdAware all the time. I have deleted it every time and they come right back, so i got the shredder thing to get rid of the coolwebsearch, but it didn’t work. I had no idea from where am I getting this at and why can’t it be deleted. SpyZooka is my last chance. I hope it will work…

  2. Lilly Doom says:

    Adaware program tells me i have CoolWebSearch. I ran the program to find it linked into a Steganos security suite i was using. That’s now deleted. I ran Adaware a few times and it still came up… I tried some other removal tools, but no help. Until I found Blue Penguin. Now I am sure that I can trust it. I will use SpyZooka for now on.

  3. Paulie says:

    SpyZooka is simple to use, easy to update and quick. Takes up little space, and is one my favorite spyware removers.

  4. Luca Leach says:

    To get rid of CWS, I had to install SpyZooka. And I am happy that I did, because it also removed 2 trojan horses. Thanks!

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