Spyware Profile for EUniverse Updater

EUniverse is malware at its worst.  EUniverse Updater is an adware program that runs at startup.  It can generate pop-up ads and can perform a number of spyware-related functions.  EUniverse Updater will gather personal information about you.  It can also hijack Internet Explorer, diverting you to sites that you did not request or have an interest in going to.    EUniverse Updater will also generate annoying pop-ups, pop-up sliders and other embedded ads.  EUniverse Updater is bundled with software coming from eUniverse sites, including thunderdownloads.com, myfreecursors.com, cursorzone.com, crazymates.com, and mycoolscreen.com. EUniverse is also bundled with the PowerSearch toolbar, as well as with the new MapQuest toolbar from http://mapquest.com and with the RealPlayer Search Bar. The EUniverse.PerfectNav variant is bundled with the Free Ad Supported version of KaZaa Media Desktop 2.6. and is also likely to be found in software supplied by eUniverse sites, such as thunderdownloads.com, myfreecursors.com, cursorzone.com and mycoolscreen.com. Get rid of this damaging malware with ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

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