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Stoaqastell is a Browser Helper Object, or BHO.  It is a plug-in for the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.  Stoaqastell interfaces with Internet Explorer to allow access and control navigation.  It is even possible with this technology to view all of the pages that are browsed within Internet Explorer.  Stoaqastell will then divert you to their websites by changing your settings and your homepage.
You may also notice that your toolbar has some additional applications.  This is due to Stoaqastell.  This malicious software can replace banner advertisements with their own ads and even view private information.
It is vital that you remove Stoaqestell from your computer immediately.  Try the Spyzooka anti-spyware program to rid yourself of these pesky pests.

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  1. Jeffery Wallace says:

    Over the years I have never had a problem with SpyZooka and believe it has greatly helped in keeping my computers safe. It should be on your list of must have programs.

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