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It happens to everyone at least once. Since the invention of the internet hackers have been trying to figure out how to do things they shouldn’t. One of the things they love to do is infect computers with viruses. The purpose is not always the same but making other people’s computers sick is something that hackers love to do and one of the main reasons is that sick computers don’t hack up germs, they cough out valuable information that hackers use to scam money from innocent people. It isn’t all bad news though, just like robbers have cops to deal with hackers have the antivirus and antispyware programs to deal with and one of the most useful of these imperative tools is the removal tool.

Spyware removal tools are not cure alls and they are not protection against spyware and viruses, they just help remove these malicious files from your computer. Many people think that spyware or virus protection programs are just another way for big software companies to make more money but the reality is that those programs are very important in ensuring your protection from serious harm. Sure, having some of your files corrupted, losing all of the stuff you have saved on your computer or even having to pay for some minor repairs might seem like insignificant drawbacks but what about having your identity stolen? Every year billions of dollars are lost to hackers that use worms, spyware and other viruses to get into personal and business computers and networks to steal valuable information.

Once upon a time if you got infected with a virus you had to go and remove the virus yourself. What this usually meant was hours of trying to find every single infected file, and if it was too difficult to make sure all infected files were gone, which was usually the case, then you had to reboot the computer and lose everything that didn’t fit onto zip drives, DVDs and rewriteable CDs. Removal tools make it so that you just have to install or download a removal tool and have it do all the work for you. There are many advantages to these removal tools. For one they make your life a lot easier, you don’t even have to sit there and watch it work but on top of it all some spyware software includes removal tools that are able to remove more than just a few different viruses or worms. With more than 200 new viruses being invented each month, this just means that in the case that you did get infected, you no longer need to lose sleep, work, class or valuable video game or TV watching time.

The most important thing that you need to remember is that removal tools are not a cure all against viruses or spyware. It is imperative that you have virus/spyware protection software that provides you with as many different possible forms of scanning for and removing malicious bugs from your computer. It may happen to all of us at least once, but it should not happen any more than that, the hackers brought against themselves a legion of antivirus and antispyware software that aid against these billion dollar thieves. Make sure you go out and buy yourself some good protection and make sure that whatever program you decide on has a spyware removal tool.

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