Spyzooka Blasts Interspace Protection Inc. Out of This World

Spyzooka has seen just about every trick of the trade when it comes to fake (rogue) anti-spyware like Interspace Protection Inc.  Over 80% of computers have some form of spyware or adware on them at any given time.  Many times, these programs are harmless tracking cookies.  Other times, you may have just crossed paths with a well-organized family of crime.  Interspace Protection Inc. is affiliated with programs like KVM Secure, Antivirus2008 pro, WindowsAntivirus2008, and Privacy Watcher, among many others.

You will be hard-pressed to find information on Interspace Protection Inc. because these hackers have found a way around the many forums and blogs that will reveal their true identity.  They have started blog pages with passages that are completely irrelevant to the product they claim to offer.  It is just a bunch of nonsense that prevents users from finding information on the first pages of a search engine that would reveal its true intentions.  The end goal here is to take any information they can get and use it to acquire funds and steal your identity.

Interspace Protection Inc. usually piggybacks a Trojan Zlob with a bunch of other malware.  Trojans are undetected in the video codec during the download of free software or videos.  The first symptom will be that your computer is running slowly.  This is because the program constantly runs in the background, generating random pop-ups and notifications of potential security risks.  If you click on one of these pop-ups, you will receive the free trialware through a scan that runs without your permission.

The trialware will report a large number of threats that can be removed if you purchase the full program for twice the market value of authentic programs.  Upon purchase, the high security risk files that are deleted are actually important files, renamed to look dangerous, that are vital to the function of your computer.

You may start to notice that your homepage has been hijacked by a website unfamiliar to you. You will start seeing toolbars, taskbars, and desktop shortcuts appear.  Every time that you search for something, you may have to shuffle through the first 1-3 pages of the search engine before you get to the information you were looking for.

Interspace Protection Inc. is difficult to remove.  You might find a number of programs in the Control Panel that you can Add/Remove, but in most cases, this doesn’t work.  The files are very well hidden within registry keys and Windows startup.  One wrong move and you find  yourself deleting a necessary file that crashes your entire computer.  At this point, you will have to start from scratch.  Your whole system will need to be cleaned and Windows reinstalled.

Here at Spyzooka, we know that it is worth your time and money to protect yourself full-time from any current and future infections.  There are only a few programs that have a robot surfing the web 24/7 for updates, definitions, and new programs before they find you.  Because of our technology and excellent customer service, we can stand by a 24-hour removal guarantee of programs like Interspace Protection Inc.

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