Spyzooka Makes an Example of IE Antivirus

Spyzooka knows how vulnerable the average user is to spyware.  Over 90% of computers will contain some form of adware or spyware like IE Antivirus.  If you have a desktop or laptop, the world is at your fingertips.  Technology has made it possible for the average user to find out information that was once available only through word of mouth or hard-to-find resources.  Unfortunately, programs like IE Antivirus have manipulated this technology and freedom, turning it into the Wild West of criminal activity.

Adware was originally created as a way to report back to advertising servers the surfing habits of the user.  Eventually, these “cookies” morphed into highly evolved rogue anti-spyware programs that can track your every move and sell it to 3rd parties, who can then do whatever they choose with it.

If you have been touched by IE Antivirus, the first sign will manifest in your search queries.  Let’s say you are looking up information for a paper on microeconomics.  The first two or three pages of information will all be links directing you to IE Antivirus website.  You will also receive a large number of security risk warnings.  This program went the extra mile by creating a file that will retrieve the name of your computer and place it in the warning.  This is to authenticate the results of the search and scare you into a purchase.

Both the scan and website are professionally done.  The graphics are clean and simple.  The website includes a monthly news report on all the latest spyware.  Of course, they don’t mention their software or anyone in their “family,” including IE Defender, Malware Bell, Anti-Spy Pro, or Files Secure.  If you decide to purchase, the program may stop the pop-ups.  However, your activity will be at more risk than ever before.   In order to purchase, you had to provide a credit or debit card number that will be passed on to 3rd parties, who will perform a variety of malicious activities including identity theft, credit damage, and cleaning your accounts.

You need to remove this program immediately and take measure to prevent future attacks.  Make sure that your firewall settings aren’t too low.  Keep up with your Windows Security Updates.  The best investment you could possibly make is to purchase a reputable anti-spyware program.  You can save yourself both time and money.  Going unprotected from spyware is not worth it.  Manual removal takes hours, and it’s very difficult.  You are risking permanent damage to your computer.

For a very low price of $29.95 (especially by comparison!), you can remove IE Antivirus and be protected from any future outbreaks.  Spyzooka is able to offer a 24-hour removal guarantee.  Only a handful of spyware companies are able to boast a long list of software awards and a membership in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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