Spyzooka Stops PersonalPCSpy’s Malicious Keylogging Practices

Spyzooka has been around long enough to see the evolution of keylogging.  There are two basic types of keylogger programs—hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers.  If you are looking for a keylogger, I’ll tell you the difference in a minute.  Keyloggers become problematic pieces of spyware if you choose the wrong software program online.  If you are looking at purchasing PersonalPCSpy, or found PersonalPCSpy on your computer, then you need to keep reading.

PersonalPCSpy acts the same way as a piece of rogue anti-spyware.  Let’s say you are going around online trying to find the best program to monitor the usage of your home computer.  You may have a ten-year-old kid that is just discovering the joys of surfing the ‘Net, but may not be completely aware of the child predators out there posing as their school-age friends.  (In some cases, this type of predator has been known to install keyloggers to monitor your child’s information and gain access to their habits and whereabouts.)  Your child may not off-handedly know what they are getting themselves into.

You decide that you need a keylogger program to maintain their safety.  You could install a hardware logger that is easily detectable unless you solder it to the keyboard.  The major advantage is that they information is not sent to a 3rd party.  The other choice is to go out there to purchase the program online.  There are endless options, just like an anti-spyware program.  How do you tell which one is real and which one is keylogging you while you are keylogging someone else?  Well, you have to do the research.

PersonalPCSpy is known for stealing personal information and using it for their financial gain, stealing valuable personal documents, identity theft, and other identity data for criminal offenses.  This program offers the most modern technology available.  The program can capture screenshots and monitor mouse usage.  It takes every instant message and e-mail and attaches it to a clipboard for you to analyze later.  It saves all passwords, searches, and browsing history.  This would be a great program if they weren’t also allowing 3rd party hackers to use the information.

If you didn’t install PersonalPCSpy yourself, then it may have manually installed from a remote location by a hacker or through a Trojan.  It gets into your system along with viruses, rogue anti-spyware, and other types of malware.  It must be removed immediately.

In some cases anti-spyware programs may have a difficult time removing this type of well-hidden rootkit.  They are difficult to detect, and it could be years before you are able to even know it is there.  You may not even notice until you view your credit report and find a bunch of suspicious information.  Spyzooka is designed to find these problems.

PersonalPCSpy is no challenge for Spyzooka.  We even offer a 24-hour removal guarantee.  Our technology is free of human error, with a robot that is specifically designed to detect rootkits, spyware, and keyloggers along with all other types of malware.

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