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Most people who spend any considerable amount of time on the computer have a basic understanding about what spyware is.  And even those who are unclear on what spyware is probably have a pretty good idea that it is not something which they want on their system.  One question that arises regarding spyware is whether it is possible to use FakeSpyGuard to eliminate spyware.  As this article will convey, Trojan.Win32.FakeSpyGuard is not a good way for individuals to eliminate the spyware problem.

Let us begin with a quick discussion of spyware itself.  Spyware is a very common form of a computer virus which can be very problematic once on a system.  Although most people will know right away that there is something wrong with their system, it is helpful to be aware of some of the signs of spyware.  First of all, spyware makes computers act slow and sluggish.  Even high speed internet connections will act as if they are operating on an old dial-up line.  In addition to operating slowly, computers will freeze up.  Anybody who uses computers knows just how annoying this can be.  These are some of the very aggravating symptoms of spyware, but they are by no means the worst symptoms.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about spyware is that it collects personal data from a computer system — hence the name “spy” ware.  As such, if you have spyware on your system, you risk giving up information as personal as bank account information and your social security number.  Even credit card numbers and passwords are in jeopardy if your system is infected with spyware.  As you can probably surmise, spyware is often used by identity thieves to steal first your identity and then your money.

Most people do not even know how their system got infected with spyware.  That is to say that people do not willingly download spyware; rather it installs itself when individuals visit certain sites or download something disreputable.  But the biggest question for an individual whose system is infected is not so much how their system got infected, but rather how they can remove the spyware from their system.  Most people will want to have the spyware removed as soon as possible.  However, you need to understand that there are programs out there that claim to remove spyware but will provide no solution.

FakeSpyGuard is one type of software that you should definitely avoid.  FakeSpyGuard alleges to have the capacity to remove spyware, but in reality does nothing but take your money.  In other words, TrojanWin32FakeSpyGuard is nothing but an imposter.  If you have spyware on your system you need to find software that actually removes the problem to your system.  I spent a long time developing just such software — known by the name of Spyzooka.  Spyzooka is the most effective and efficient software out there for removing spyware from your system.  And you do not have to go on faith that it will work because Spyzooka is one hundred percent guaranteed to solve your spyware problem.  For more information about Spyzooka, visit

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