SurfPlus Spyware Profile

SurfPlus is a spyware program that is manually downloaded by the infected user.  It disguises itself as a shopping assistant.  It displays itself as a large text field that reads, “SurfPlus.”  It redirects your searches to its affiliate sales pages.  It can also alter the web pages that you’re visiting, turning plain text into hyperlinks to its affiliate pages.

SurfPlus has the added danger of using spyware techniques.  It takes a regular screenshot of the web page that you’re on and sends the image to a remote server.  On one hand, this can be used for targeted marketing, but it can also be easily used to harvest credit card and login information.  This is a severe privacy threat.

It is highly recommended that if you’re infected with SurfPlus to remove it immediately.  Not all spyware removal tools can remove it, so you should be selective.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is an ideal spyware removal tool to clean your computer of SurfPlus.

Associated Files:
surfplusinst.exe, SPActive.dll, spiedat.bin, spieidat.bin, spieinf.dat, spiekdat.bin, spiemdat.bin, SPIESetup.exe, surfplus.dll, surfplus.exe, surfplus.ini, Registry Key: SPActive.CSPIEA…, Registry Key: SpediaIEExt.CSPIEE…, Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE…Spedia, Start Up Entry: SurfPlus

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