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Target Saver is adware spyware created for the sole purpose of delivering unwanted commercial advertisements to your desktop using a web browser or other ad-supported software.  Target Saver may also have some variants of browser hijackers and malware applications.

Often installed silently and without your consent, Target Saver makes an attempt to hide, which makes it difficult to detect.

TargetSaver is adware, but it is also a browser plug-in that sends ads to you while you’re surfing the ‘Net.  In fact, their affiliate advertising links are often set up with the toolbar that TargetSaver creates. It should be noted that it is possible to get TargetSaver when you download other freeware and shareware software.
If you have TargetSaver on your system, you may notice an increase in pop-up advertisements on your screen.   This usually only happens as you’re browsing, and TargetSaver will suggest that these ads are related to your searches, but this isn’t always the case.  In fact, this program may even deliver adult-interest ads for gambling and pornography.
If you suspect that you’ve been infected, check your home page setting.  More often than not, it has been switched to, but in can also be switched to one of the TargetSaver’s affiliates, which is usually a search engine or the computer manufacturer’s home page.  Once TargetSaver takes over, it can hijack your browser and change your default home page settings.
Regardless of how Target Saver made its way onto your computer, my guess is you want to get rid of it.  No one likes annoying pop-ups, no matter how interesting the ads may appear.

You have two choices when it comes to removing Target Saver; manually and through anti-spyware software.  Because the program tries to hide in the background, manual removal is not recommended.  If you want a guarantee that you removed Target Saver completely, you might want to try ZookaWare PC Cleaner spyware removal software.

Recommended by computer experts around the world and offering a 100% guarantee, this seems like the most logical decision.  Try it for yourself with a free PC scan, and see if ZookaWare PC Cleaner can’t help you get rid of spyware residing on your computer.

Also Known As:



Relative file contents:

ts2.exe tsl2.exe
tsm2.exe tsp2.exe
[random name]a.exe
[random four letter name]l.exe

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