Total Protect 2009 Is Risky Business

Total Protect 2009 wants you to think that it has your best interests at heart.  It wants you to believe that it is an effective security tool.  More than that, Total Protect2009 wants you to believe that it’s the only program that can take care of all your security needs.

Total Protect 2009 really has none of these things in mind for you.  It is a rogue security tool from Russia with an eye on your wallet.  Rogue programs like this are the latest in spyware technology.  Unlike other spyware programs, they have a clear cut mission:  To rip you off.

Total Protect 2009 and the others use scare tactics and smoke and mirrors to work their scam.  They lurk on the Web, hidden on infected websites.  Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to avoid these sites.  Just make sure that you have a good antispyware program to block your access.

The way the scam goes down is like this.  Most usually, when you click on an infected icon, it will tell you that it’s downloading a necessary video codec.  Actually, it’s downloading a Trojan Downloader such as Keenval, Zlob or Vundo.  This program bypasses all of your security tools, making you vulnerable to Total Protect 2009.

Once it’s done downloading, a warning message pops up telling you that your computer is infected.  Total Protect 2009 performs a scan of your computer, and tells you that the files it’s looking at are infected.  What you see is an unrealistically large infection.

The Total Protect 2009 pop-up is very cheaply made.  There’s nothing flashy about it, which could almost lead you to believe that it’s a part of your Windows Operating System.  It would probably be more effective if the skin was more awe inspiring.

Total Protect 2009 then directs you to  one of their websites to buy the software.  These programs often have to get new domains, as they get discovered and blocked by antispyware programs.  What they show you here is a huge price tag and try to convince you that in your emergency state, the price is worth it.

It’s very much NOT worth it.  If you pay for the full version of Total Protect 2009, you’ve just opened a new can of worms.  It’s no longer as simple as having a spyware infection.  Not only did you just waste good money, but you’ve opened yourself up to losing your entire credit account.  Because the perpetrators operate out of Russia, there’s probably nothing you can do about it, either.

The full version of Total Protect 2009 is just a junk program.  It can conduct scans of your computer, but that’s about it.  Meanwhile, you have more incoming spyware.

The great thing about ZookaWare PC Cleaner is that we’re constantly scanning the Internet looking for these bugs.  Where other antispyware software gives you updates about every week or so or takes two days to get you a fix for your infection, we’re on the ball.  We don’t wait for our customers to get infected to make a fix.  You get your fix within minutes of the spyware’s launch.  It doesn’t get better.

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