Totalantivirus Should Be Removed and ZookaWare PC Cleaner Can Help

As easy and convenient as downloading software, music and pictures is today, it is equally as dangerous for your computer. While downloading any of these files a Trojan can attach itself to the file and then install itself along with the file you intended to download. After the Trojan has successfully been installed it is able to install spyware like totalantivirus silently without your consent. However, that is not the only way totalantivirus can be installed. If you click on popup advertisements while surfing the internet you could be sent to a website that will also automatically download this type of software without ever knowing that this has occurred.

Totalantivirus will take a real toll on your enjoyment of being on your computer. As soon as it has been downloaded it will go through a few steps in order to secure itself onto your computer. Initially a trial version will be installed onto your computer and then it will attempt to scan your hard drive. After this scan is complete it will report back a list of false viruses and spyware that is on your system through popups and system notifications. As soon as you click on one of these popups or notifications you will be taken to their website where they will tell you to pay a fee to buy their terrible program. Once installed Totalantivirus will remain in the background of your computer monitoring and capturing everything you do on the computer. It will record everything from your credit card information, usernames to your passwords. After all of this data is stored it is sold to hackers or anyone else willing to buy the information.

It’s easy to tell if totalantivirus is on your computer. You’ll easily notice many symptoms on your computer that let you know totalantivirus is the culprit. One symptom is the constant warning of popups and notifications warning you of the need to upgrade. This alone will have a huge impact on your system performance because your computer is constantly working to generate the information. Also, when your internet browsing ads seem to always reflect previously viewed websites, you’ll again know it’s totalantivirus. The program monitors your activity in the background and then tracks that information in a database to sell to others. Groups including hackers use this information to direct the appropriate advertising to you. If your homepage has changed to totalantivirus or you notice some new icons on your computer that’s yet another sign of your computer being invaded by it.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is a well known antispyware program that can protect you from invaders like totalantivirus. It has come a long way since it was first created and has become an even better product now. In just a few minutes you can run a quick scan that will search your computer for malicious software. In about 15 minutes it will scan your entire computer to search for programs like totalantivirus. And unlike this imitation antispyware program it never falsely warns you of nonexistent viruses or spyware on your computer. In tests done by a third party ZookaWare PC Cleaner correctly identified all of the viruses placed on a computer and successfully removed them all. If they are not able to remove a specific virus on your computer then ZookaWare PC Cleaner will live up to their 100% guarantee and have their programmers work on a fix all day for you and send you an update within 24 hours. For only $29.95 you get great protection from programs like totalantivirus, it’s definitely a great return on investment!

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