Unclassified.Spyware BHO O Information

Unclassified.Spyware BHO.O is a browser helper object identified by SpyNet and is currently being researched.

A BHO, or “Browser Helper Object,” is a DLL module designed as a plug-in for Internet Explorer’s web browser to provide added functions.  Some models such as Adobe Acrobat plug-in allow Internet Explorer users to work with PDF files.  Other modules add toolbars such as Google’s as a search browser interface.

While most BHOs are not harmful, when adware creators use browser helper objects in a malicious way, this can create havoc for the PC user.  Harmful BHOs are automatically added to your PC when you install third-party software.  Many of these programs monitor your online movements and report the findings back to the creators.  This information is then used to send pop-up advertisements related to your searches back to your computer.

There are a few signs which can help determine if your PC is infected.  Look for slow performance as the BHO eats up your bandwidth; new desktop items such as icons and shortcuts; home page redirects or resetting; and annoying pop-up windows (sometimes to the point where you cannot use your PC).  In some cases BHOs can change your default settings, which can render your PC inoperable.

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