VideoDialer is a porn-dialer that uses the modem of your computer to connect to premium-cost toll numbers that may be charged to your telephone bill. These numbers generally connect to adult-oriented and pornographic websites. You may have installed VideoDialer purposely, or had it placed on your computer by mistakenly visiting questionable websites.

VideoDialer may place malware on your PC, which is malicious software that collects information about your online searches as well as personal passwords and business data. Malware will affect the performance of your computer, and could possible cause damage. Your PC may become slow or redirect to strange websites. Malware runs constantly in the background, and uses your system resources and memory. You may attempt to remove VideoDialer by going to the add/remove programs in your control panel. Also, you may try to detect all related files in your Windows registry and delete them.

Manual removal when done incorrectly can cause severe damage to your PC. It is advised that you use an exceptional antispyware tool such as Spyzooka to remove VideoDialer and all other parasites or infections that may exist.

Video Dialer

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  1. Katie O'Neill says:

    After week and a half, finally rid of this VideoDialer dialer. I have run 4 programs after each other for three days constantly updating from web site. Today I tried SpyZooka and my computer is clean again.
    Such a great software!

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