VirusDoctor or Doctor Virus?

Being in the computer industry, I have had a lot of experience with technology, good and bad. Obviously I have a passion for computers and all that they allow us to do, lest I wouldn’t be so involved with them. But being this closely connected with computers I also have a lot of experience with some of the pitfalls that we can encounter while using them. Of most pressing concern to most people is the risk involved with viruses and spyware. Because these can be such serious threats, an entire industry has sprung up around defending computers against these threats. However, there are many programs out there which allege to defend against spyware but in actuality do nothing but scam people out of their money. One such program is VirusDoctor, which is one of the more common rogue antispyware outfits out there these days. In an effort to combat against these malicious programs, I created Spyzooka. Take a moment to look over this article and learn how Spyzooka can help you if you have made the mistake of downloading VirusDoctor.

 Why is it that VirusDoctor is so successful at tricking people into downloading it? The answer to this is that VirusDoctor instills fear in innocent people and then plays off of this fear to persuade them that they need to download the full version of its malicious software. To instill fear in unsuspecting individuals, VirusDoctor warns them that there are several threats imminent to their computer system. These threats come in the form of pop up windows which tell you that you have viruses trying to infiltrate your system. The pop ups proceed to warn you that the only way to prevent these viruses from entering your system is to download VirusDoctor. Don’t be fooled, it is really likely that the only threat to your system is VirusDoctor itself.

 The thing about the pop ups presented by VirusDoctor is that it makes a lot of sense to be concerned about viruses and spyware. If malicious software attacks your system you could experience a whole host of problems. Even if the virus does not destroy your system, your system will most definitely run noticeably worse. It will run slowly and sluggishly and you will be unable to accomplish what you set out to do on your computer due to unauthorized programs. In essence, your computer will run as if it had a mind of its own when infected with spyware or a virus. As such, you would be foolish to take no heed to a caution about spyware or viruses. However, with VirusDoctor, the malicious software is VirusDoctor itself.

 While VirusDoctor is on your system, you will be bombarded with pop ups warning you about fictional threats to your system. Your system will run slowly because VirusDoctor is using your system to run. So what you need to do is eliminate VirusDoctor from your system.

 My software, Spyzooka, is fully guaranteed to remove all types of malicious software from your system, including VirusDoctor. To find out what types of problems your system might be facing, visit for a free scan of your PC.

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