Win Antivirus Vista-XP is a Complete and Utter Fraud

There are a lot of malicious programs out there in cyber space. There are new ones created nearly every day and some of them are really, really terrible. Some of the worst ones, in my opinion, are the ones that claim to be helpful so that they can trick people into paying for them. Win Antivirus Vista-XP is one of these programs. All of them are dangerous scams that will leave you with regrets if you pay for them.

Win Antivirus Vistaxp is one of the latest rogue antivirus programs. Despite what you might think due to the name, Win Antivirus Vista xp is not from the Microsoft Corporation at all. It is actually a fraudulent program created in Eastern Europe by cyber criminals who apparently have no conscience.

Win Antivirus Vista-xp has been known to infect unsuspecting users secretly through rogue websites. Just simply visiting can result in an infection, though the user may never have a clue about it until later. Once Win Antivirus Vista-XP has infected a computer, it may lay dormant for a short period of time, or it may kick in right away.

Whenever Win Anti virus Vista-XP decides to start its attack, it will harass the infected user with false warning messages. These messages will tell the user that his computer has been infected with viral programs and that a full scan of the computer needs to be done. If the user agrees to this, Win Antivirus Vista-XP will generate a fake scan that produces fake results. All of this is merely a terroristic scare tactic designed to pressure the infected user into paying for the full version of Win Antivirus Vista-XP, which is said to remove the threats.

Instead of actually doing anything, the full version of Win Antivirus Vista-XP does absolutely nothing. It won’t remove any threats at all, nor will it stop any viruses from infecting the computer. Win Antivirus Vista-XP is a complete waste of money and buying it puts the purchaser’s credit cards at risk. I mean, think about it. The buyer would be handing his credit card information over to criminals who have no honor or sense of ethical practice.

The best way to prevent this scam from affecting you is to protect your computer properly ahead of time. But if you have already been infected with Win Antivirus Vista-XP, the solution is pretty much the same as the preventative measure. Get yourself a quality antispyware program that you can trust.

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