The hackers who created Win32.Bubbel may have misspelled “bubble,” but they knew how to create a Backdoor Trojan that gains access to a computer by pretending to be something else entirely.  Once it has control of the computer, it can either give remote access to someone else for illegal or nefarious purposes, or even destroy the machine.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once

Win32/Bubbel Trojan

Manual Removal:
There is the potential for removing Win32.Bubbel manually, but this is often beyond the capabilities of the average computer user.  For example, it is vital to get rid of all running processes and other related files found within the registries of the computer.  If this isn’t completed properly, unintended harm to the computer system may result.  For this reason, many experts recommend relying on a dependable anti-spyware program to manage the removal of Win32.Bubbel.  One of the finest options for this service is ZookaWare PC Cleaner, from the ZookaWare Company.

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  1. carla d. says:

    ive had Win32.Bubbel on my computer so long and its finally gone with spyzooka. thanks!

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