Win32.Capri is categorized as a backdoor Trojan. Backdoor Trojans are among the most dangerous types of spyware. While they don’t spread like viruses, they do pretend to be good software and people load them unknowingly. Then the program runs in the background without people knowing it. Then the program opens up a backdoor allowing an attacker access to the infected computer. That is it. The entire computer is now at risk. The attacker can get anything they want from the computer and the poor computer user has no idea that it is happening.


Backdoor.Win32.Capri, BKDR_CAPRI.A

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  1. Eric Nelson says:

    My computer worked insanely slow and I ran a scan with my anti virus and it found Win32.Capri, but it wasn’t able to remove it. At a friend’s advice, I gave SpyZooka a try and I am glad that I did. My PC is back to normal speed and I had no trouble ever since.

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