XP Defender is Not Your Friend

Are you seeing some new “anti-spyware” on your PC or laptop, called XP Defender (or Advanced XP Defender)?  It’s not the latest anti-virus or provided by Windows (which is just called Windows Defender).  It’s actually a malicious piece of rogue anti spyware that’s not out to help you at all.

How is XP Defender installed?

Through Zlob Trojan, Vundo Trojan, and browser security loopholes.  It may be bundled with other software–usually also malicious.  It will download itself if you visit AdvancedXPDefender.com, so you definitely don’t need to go there!

What will XP Defender do?

It will do a variety of things.  First off, it will give you any number of irritating, resource-eating pop-ups.

More insidiously, it will “scan” your computer and give you misleading results.  It will show false positives, saying that you have spyware and malware that you don’t, while simultaneously ignoring many real viruses, adware, etc.

Why does it do this?  Like other forms of fake and rogue anti-spyware, XP Defender tries to convince you that your system is absolutely infested with all types of malware.  It does this so that it can sell you an expensive license to the “full” version of its product.

And just like any rogue anti-spyware, you shouldn’t go in for it.  In fact, you should never buy the “licensed” version to any software that installed itself without your permission.  So if you ever have anyone install any anti-virus, anti-spyware, or anti-adware programs on your computer, make sure they leave a text file of just exactly what they installed.

Anything that installed itself and then expects you to buy it, is just bad news for you, you computer, and your bank account.  There’s a reason it’s called rogue anti-spyware!

XP Defender is a resource-eater.  All the effort it takes to show you annoying pop-ups and false security reports, easts up your system resources.  It harasses you with what you don’t need, while making it more difficult to do the things you do need.

Finally, XP Defender will take your money.  It’s been mentioned in passing, but needs to be stated straight-out.  The program will try to get you to buy a rather expensive license to the “full” version.  How much good will this full version do you?  You’re welcome to try it and see, if you want–but by now, you probably no what to expect from software that installed itself without your permission.

How can I get rid of XP Defender?

Using the standard Windows uninstall isn’t likely to help.  Even if it does work, programs like this are notorious for re-installing themselves.  Not to mention, an uninstall won’t stop this kind of program from floating all over the world wide web, just waiting to find new host computers.

The best way to protect against this kind of program is to have good anti-spyware that updates its definitions regularly.  And once you’ve removed any malicious software, make sure you have a good firewall, are careful what you download, and run anti-virus checks on a regular and frequent basis.

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20 Responses

  1. Brian Hill says:

    I’ve found that my computer is infected by some sort of vundo trojan; nothing bad has happened to my computer yet but I’m waiting. I’ve heard that spyzooka works well, but is there any program that is guaranteed to work?

  2. Betty Martin says:

    I don’t use any real-time security software at all. LUA, SRP and DEP and an IPCop firewall box does the trick. I do a scan every couple of weeks with Avira and/or Malwarebytes and AVZ and they never find anything.
    SpyZooka found problems that other free scans has miscarried. That’s why I’m using it 😉

  3. Lara Crees says:

    I was surfing the internet yesterday afternoon when I picked up a XP Defender. My firewall (ZoneAlarm) came up with a few things asking if I wanted to grant them internet access so I thought maybe it was related to my av.
    However, this morning my laptop has been running incredibly slowly and I figured that the vvirus was probably still lurking there somewhere. And sure enough my av did detect it about an hour ago and moved it to the chest…but my laptop still isn’t running quite right. 🙁
    Is there anything I can do that doesn’t involve rebooting the whole system (stupid me didn’t make a backup disc – kept slipping my mind – I’ve not had this laptop long), or will I have to do that?

  4. George Kenwood says:

    I just scanned my computer and quarantined then deleted XP Defender.
    I read a little info on it and it said it can steal online bank information and also gets keystrokes. I recently did get my credit card information stolen from online and had to cancel it. What I want to know is, seeing I have deleted this trojan from the quarantine area, and have also changed my banking password, is my bank information safe?
    I don’t know a hell of a lot about this kind of stuff. Does deleting it from the quarantine section even delete it properly from my computer?Does Spyzooka helps in any way?
    Thanks for any help!

  5. Soare Raluca says:

    There is no way to remove this virus? Someone can help me, and at least tell me if this site works or is just another fake..

  6. Ralph Gomez says:

    For some people that’s the easiest way to make some money, to destroy someone’s life. I got that stupid virus at the computer that I am working important projects for my company and now it’s all gone… I’ll have to do all the stuff again, and that will take a couple of weeks. Hope someone can destroy it permanently.

  7. Cristopher Carter says:

    I can see xp defender gives me no help… I don’t know what are using the others, but for me Spyzooka is the best choice.
    Since I am using it, I had no problems.

  8. Stephan Paul says:

    I have no idea for how long the malware was on my computer, but I have noticed that it started to go slowly, and xp defender asked me to buy the license. Since I got pop-ups every day, I tryed to look for a good antivirus. That’s how I found Spyzooka, and I found out that in fact that xp defender is a virus, and gives me no defense.
    So, anyone who sees that should not be worried, just trust Spyzooka.

  9. Laureen Defoe says:

    I have no ideea who invented that “antivirus” that give me no help. Too much stupid people on earth… Thanks god I found Spyzooka. I have no idea what would I do without this huge help.

  10. Denis Casper says:

    for the last few days my computer was giving me warnings about some kind of spywares, trojans, and kept asking me to buy the license of xp defender. reading on spyzooka about how many people are trying to steal money with fake anti-spyware, my pc got a free scan and i found out that all these alerts were just a easy way to scare me and buy something that does not exist.
    thanks spyzooka! for now on i’ll use only your full defend.

  11. Roberto Diaz says:

    Hey! What is that??? I try to remove a virus and I get others? This sounds bad… I just want a secure connection on the internet! I hope I’ll have no problems for now on 🙂

  12. Deborah Moore says:

    It is the third time since I am reinstalling windows on my computer in one week and that stupid virus continue to appear. I hope is not a problem with my internet provider, but I really can’t lose any more data. If there is no way to change things by myself, I’ll give your site a chance. I can see that it worked for the others…

  13. Sanda Gloom says:

    Yes…I had the same problem, even buy the license (stupid me 🙂 )….I guess there are many more people that trust those impostors!

  14. Lisa Bing says:

    I had to fight with that shit for almost one week. I thought I can destroy it by myself, but that’s a dream… Thanks Spyzooka!

  15. Brian Selt says:

    That thing is scanning my computer by itself 🙂 I’m not so insane to buy that stupid license. I know Spyzooka works for sure 😉

  16. Barbara Lee says:

    “Analysis of application protocols will not function”
    “An error occurred while starting services,Analysis of application protocols (POP3,HTTP)will not function”

    I’m Tech support in china Version-2,I have installed EAV for a long time,today when i start my computer, i find that my EAV icon has turned to red.Then error message is above.

    I have also received some user’s email,they have the same problem with me.
    and i have contacted Hongkong support, they also don’t know how to solve the question. A friend told me about SpyZooka and I’ve decided to use it. I can’t believe that for so long I did not heard about your site.
    Thank you!

  17. Margaret Harris says:

    I was downloading something on the internet when I was asked if I want do download for free xp defender. I was thinking is a good way to protect better my computer, so I downloaded it.
    I realized my pc is full of trojans and malwares, so I had to download all kind of av, until I found Spyzooka. This is the only one that helped.

  18. Leon Scott says:

    I awoke to this virus when I was browsing the net.
    As soon as I saw “XP Defender Unregistered” pop up, i knew that wasn’t a real anti-virus i had on my computer, so i ran Antivir and Ad-Aware overnight, they found a few problems but when they performed their actions, there was no change. So i tried opening Firefox on my account to find a manual fix for this, only problem was, now none of my programs would open.
    I downloaded Opera and so I could downloard XP Defender remover from Spyzooka.
    That really helped.

  19. Mark Brown says:

    Hi, i have a problem with this virus as I am using Sysmantec corp edition anti virus. This anti virus can detect & clean this virus but cannot totally delete this virus. When i restart my pc, the virus keep coming back. too many pop-ups and I didn’t know what to do. I have found your site, and it worked. For now on I am your client.

  20. I thought that was extremeley interesting. Thanks for the great content. I’ll keep checking back on this.

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