XpShield Can Be More Harm and No Help

Internet security is and should be a top goal for all individuals. As the internet becomes more pervasive in our society and as we come to rely on it to perform many of our daily functions such as shopping and banking, it is important to ensure that our computers are kept safe from rogue software programs. These programs try to infiltrate computers in order to ultimately make money. They scare the user into buying products, or, they can lead to identity theft.

One such malware software is XP Shield. XP Shield downloads itself insidiously onto computers. This typically happens through inadvertent clicking on pop-ups or through malicious downloads. More often than not the download also occurs without the express consent of the user.

Once the malware program is downloaded onto the user’s computer, it starts scanning and releases faulty scan results. It sends a lot of threat alerts and pop ups about false positive virus threats. The intent is to scare the user into buying the full license of the XP Shield software program. It creates a false need for itself. In addition you may notice very slow performance on your computer. This is due to the amount of resources required on your system to keep sending these popup and notifications.

If you think that xpshield could be installed on your computer, you can follow the below steps to remove it manually:

Uninstall Program

Go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel
Double-click on Add/Remove Programs
Find and uninstall xpshield

Stop processes

Go to Start –> Run –> type taskmgr
Select the Processes tab and look for the following process under Image Name:
Select the name and click on “End Process”

Unregister registry keys

Go to Start –>Run
Type “regedit” and then press OK
Right click on the files below and select “Delete”
HKEY_ALL_USERS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”XPShield” = “%ProgramFiles%\XPShield\XP-Shield.exe”

Remove Files

Go to Start –> My Computer –> Local Disk (C:) –> Program Files –> Show the contents of this folder.

If your homepage has been changed

Type in the address of your desired homepage in your browser
Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Internet Options –> click on the General –> click Use Current under Home Page

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