Abebot is a backdoor software program that installs through trojans, and allows fake antispyware programs to install on your PC. These programs advertise aggressively to the user, warning of security threats that reside on their computer. Abebot displays these fake warnings in an attempt to get the user to purchase the advertised product in order to restore security. These programs are infections themselves that must be removed to protect private information and the health of your computer.

Abebot is created by hackers for the purpose of stealing your money. System performance will be affected, and your PC may be in danger of crashing. To remove Abebot manually, you must kill all related running processes, and then detect all files and values associated with the program. This is not recommended, as you risk severe damage to your PC. To remove Abebot automatically, use a reputable antispyware program such as Spyzooka, which detects and removes all traces of security threats and other parasites.


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%UserProfile%Application DataPC-Antispywarestartup
%UserProfile%Application DataPC-Antispywarelogs
%UserProfile%Application DataPC-Antispyware

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