Advertor is a backdoor software program that installs via Trojans, and gives attackers control over your computer. These hackers can use your PC for malicious purposes, and system files that are necessary for proper operation may be deleted or disabled.

Advertor may also install additional malware on your computer, and private information may be accessed and collected. Your PC will most likely run slow, and you will notice incessant pop-up ads and possibly browser redirection. Infections like Advertor can damage your PC and use up valuable system resources and memory.

To remove Advertor manually, you must kill all associated running processes, then detect and delete all related files and values in various folders and the Windows registry. It is advised that you use a reputable antispyware product such as Spyzooka to remove Advertor, and all other parasites that may threaten security.

Advertor Trojan,

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