AntiMalware2009 – A Nasty Way To Foul Up Your Computer!

AntiMalware2009 is another of those counterfeit antispyware programs that come into your computer system and wreak all sorts of havoc, not the least of which is the compromising of your personal information, but also your computers performance, and will likely lighten your wallet in the  process.

AntiMalware2009 usually finds its way onto your machine from a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, or possibly through a video codec download. However it got there, the number one priority is to get rid of it as soon as you possibly can. Probably the first thing you’ll notice from a program like this is that your system will appear to be hijacked by this program that is running a “scan” of your computer, and soon presents you with a list of suspected “threats” that it warns you that you need to take care of immediately, lest you run the risk of permanently damaging your machine with all manner of viruses and spyware.

As in all good con jobs, there is just enough truth there to suck you in. Yes, you need to take care of viruses and spyware, but in reality it’s AntiMalware2009 that you need to rid your machine of! AntiMalware2009 will do nothing at all to help you and in fact, will usher in all sorts of other, possibly more harmful spyware, adware and fraudware that have the capability to mine your personal data for all your sensitive information, which of course you don’t want floating all over the internet!

And another thing: don’t try and get rid of AntiMalware2009 or programs like it all by yourself. You will almost certainly be a dismal failure at this, and it wouldn’t even be your fault. There are simply too many files too well hidden to find and delete before AntiMalware2009 recreates itself.

Better to leave this to a good antispyware software solution, and the best one I’m aware of is SpyZooka, which comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee.

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