AntivirusDoktor2009 Removal Instructions

One of the more prevalent issues that people are running into these days on the internet is a program by the name of AntivirusDoktor2009. This malicious software is a rogue security program that installs itself without your permission and then uses scare tactics to persuade you into purchasing its full download. It reports false positives to your system that do not exist.

While this bad software is on your computer it creates a host of problems. It bombards your screen with an onslaught of annoying popup messages. It causes your system to run slowly and sluggishly. It installs add-ons such as tool bars without your permission. It routinely resets your home page to undesirable Sites. Until you take action your computer will operate as if it has a mind of its own.

Recommended Action:  Immediate Removal

Removing AntivirusDoktor2009 manually is generally insufficient because it is installed via a Trojan horse virus. This virus will reinstall AntivirusDoktor2009 every time you have it removed. As such, you will need to utilize a program by the name of Spyzooka to save your computer. Spyzooka is the only product of its kind which is fully guaranteed to remove AntivirusDoktor2009 effectively. Moreover, it offers a free system scan so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from giving it a try today.

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Known As: Antivirus Doktor 2009, Anti Virus Doktor2009, AV Doktor 2009,  AVDoktor 2009
Category:  Rogue Security Program

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  1. Simon Marcus says:

    I realized these days that my computer is running very slow and I keep on receiving pop ups… I ran a scan with my a-v but it found nothing. After a free scan with SpyZooka, I found out that it is infected with AntivirusDoktor2009. I have no idea how I downloaded it, but I know that thanks to you, now it is gone forever.

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