AntiVirusPlasma – Avoid it Like the Plague!

You’ve got a few minutes of free time so you decide to hop on your computer and surf the web for a little while. Low and behold you get a popup from AntivirusPlasma that says you’ve got corrupt files on your computer and AntivirusPlasma can remove them. You figure, what the heck, why not install it?  Unfortunately you have now entered the AntivirusPlasma twilight zone. Your internet browsing will be bombarded with popups and your computer becomes so slow you can’t do anything productive on it anymore.

After AntivirusPlasma has been installed on your computer it will track your every move and send it to a server which then uses the opportunity to send you their advertisements in a pop up format. You may also notice unwanted toolbars or homepages that mysteriously changed. In addition, if your computer runs excessively slow then chances are you have some form of malware. AntivrusPlasma pays a heavy toll on you CPU due to all of the extra programs that have now been installed on your computer.

AntivirusPlasma is anything but an antivirus and if ever prompted to install it, stay as far away as possible!  This fraudulent software will give you warning of Trojans on your computer and then scares you into purchasing their product. Almost all of the files that it reports are actually files that your computer needs to run its normal processes and by removing them you’re just making the problem worse. After you’ve installed the trial version they will use the scare tactics above to convince you to spend either $79.95 or $49.95 on their malicious software. After you release what you’ve gotten yourself into, there is no contact information for you to call and complain because the entire thing is a big scam.

If you do have AntivirusPlasma on your computer do what is necessary to remove it as soon as possible so that minimal harm is done. Here are some steps you can take to remove it:
Kill processes:
antivirusplasma.exe AVPlasmaSetup[1].exe

Delete registry values:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Antivirus Plasma
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “avpl”

Delete files:
antivirusplasma.exe AVPlasmaSetup[1].exe


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