Are You Harboring SpamBlocker Utility Fugitives?

If you have adware on your computer, you know it.  No matter what type or how it got there, it’s obvious from the pop ups that something is wrong.  Sometimes adware hides itself in bundled downloads. You’re not even aware that you are downloading something so bothersome, until you start experiencing problems.  Are you harboring spamblocker utility fugitives on your PC?  You might be if you’ve recently downloaded the SpamBlocker Utility toolbar from an ad that appeared out of nowhere.

SpamBlocker Utility is a cute little collection of accessories for your desktop — an Internet toolbar that provides you with up-to-date weather information, email backgrounds to dress up your emails, and emoticons to let the world know how you’re feeling.  It also includes a special anti-spam tool that is supposed to block spam.  Who wouldn’t want to download this package of goodies?

Obviously, you’ve come to this blog because you’ve already downloaded SpamBlocker or some other software that has resulted in an adware intrusion.  Whether this has been an ongoing problem that you just can’t stand anymore, or you’ve noticed the adware warning signs and you want to nip the problem in the bud, you want to get rid of the problem.  So let’s talk about how to get rid of these pesky intruders.

First you want to find the right software.  You want something that’s going to work, don’t you?  After all, your PC is a big investment and you want to keep it up and running.  In these tough economic times, everyone is thinking twice about major purchases.  Hopefully you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new PC if you follow these easy steps.

  1. Scan your PC.
  2. Review the report.
  3. Follow the instructions to remove the adware.

That’s easy enough, isn’t it?  In three easy steps, your computer problems can be solved.   So what are you waiting for?  Get your free PC scan today, and stop harboring adware fugitives.

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