Backage is a backdoor software program that commonly installs through the use of malicious trojans, and gives the hacker complete access to an infected computer. Backage allows the attacker to use your PC for malicious purposes, and to make changes or delete system files in the registry which are necessary for proper operation. Private information may be collected as well. Backage may be installed on your PC due to unsafe or lax surfing habits, or because there are loopholes in your browsers security settings.

Backage may also allow the attacker to install additional malware on your computer, which causes performance problems and occasionally severe damage. Your PC may become slow, and often you will get bombarded by pop-up ads. To remove Backage manually, you must first kill all associated running processes, then detect and delete all related files and values located in the Windows registry and other various locations. Manual removal is not advised due to the risk of severe damage to your PC. To remove Backage automatically, it is recommended that you use a legitimate antispyware program such as Spyzooka, which is intended for this purpose.

Win32/Backage.30Client trojan,

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