BESys – Odd Name, Worse Behavior!

BESys is an adware application that you unwittingly have uninvited into your own machine, and what’s worse, it’s a guest that has no intention of departing anytime soon without a swift kick in the behind! BESys  is a beast that, once encamped upon your computer, sets up shop and delivers an endless stream of unsolicited advertisements, usually in the form of popup and popunder ads, all targeted to what it perceives are your own web surfing habits, that it has “learned” since it’s been on your system. It drops its files and alters your systems configuration, so it can run on every Windows startup. It then delivers this information to its ad servers, located at, which is the supplier for the ads themselves. The “cn” at the end of the web address stands for a Chinese site, far out of the grasp of many in the West who would be able to do anything about them.

BESys can be removed from your computer, but it takes someone quite well versed in spyware removal, and who is able to ferret out all the places that BESys may have left a copy of itself. This is not easy. Doing it yourself, which many attempt but few succeed at, is almost always a fruitless endeavor.

You are always entirely better off using tried and true antispyware software to help rid you of this and associated threats. A good one can not only save you days of painstaking CSI work, but will get your computer completely healthy, free from these kinds of spyware and adware. The best one that I know of is SpyZooka, which comes armed with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and will soon have you up and running, free from BESys and friends!

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