Beware Registry Fox

There are numerous Internet scams that all users should be aware of, and many of these are well disguised, making it that much more important to invest in quality security tools to help you. Of the rogue registry cleaners out there, registry fox is perhaps one of the more difficult to distinguish from legitimate programs because of the extensive positive support found on any given search. Do not be fooled by the developer’s search engine optimization accomplishments. Registry fox is a scam, and will do more harm than good.

Over time, all computers require registry maintenance to maintain optimal function. Each program that you install makes a registry entry, and adding and deleting these programs can leave you with several invalid applications, unused shortcuts, corrupt files, and additional errors that will slow your computer’s function, as well as potentially causing it to freeze and/or give error messages. Any intelligent computer user can see that this problem can and should be fixed, which is where the use of registry cleaners comes in. Rogue registry cleaners such as registry fox prey on people seeking this kind of help.

The developers claim that registry fox is an effective and reliable application that can be used to maximize PC performance, delete invalid shortcuts, organize startup programs, prevent system crashes and do any number of other useful tasks which any good registry cleaner should do. Unfortunately, registry fox does nothing of the sort. Instead, it will scan your computer and generate a list of fake registry errors it has supposedly found. It will then harass you with pop ups and fake system security alerts warning you that you are facing certain computer crash if you do not act immediately by buying the licensed version of registry fox. Clicking on any of the pop ups or alerts will direct you to a webpage where you can use your credit card to do so. Woe to the person who has lost hard earned money this way.

Obviously, if you are experiencing error messages and a freezing or slowing computer, cleaning up the registry is a great first line of defense, but do yourself a favor and find a program that will actually do what it promises to rather than simply further damage your machine and steal your money.

If you have already downloaded registry fox, you are urged to remove it immediately. You can do this manually by killing its running processes, deleting its associated registry values and files, and unregistering its DLLs. Use caution in doing this as accidentally deleting the wrong file could cause further damage to your machine.

You can also remove registry fox automatically, as well as ensure protection against any future threats in disguise by utilizing SpyZooka’s top-notch defense system. SpyZooka is the only anti-malware product that guarantees 100% removal of all malicious code on your machine, and ensures complete future protection to boot. Updates are automatic and the program won’t further slow your machine by taking up much needed processing resources and space. After you’ve gotten protection from SpyZooka, you’ll be free to seek out a legitimate registry cleaner to help you out, and return your machine to the optimal state in which it was meant to be!

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