BirdSpy is a backdoor software program that installs with the use of malicious trojans, and allows the hacker to take control of a compromised computer. BirdSpy enables the attacker to modify or delete system files that are necessary for proper functioning, and change network settings. They may also use your PC for malicious purposes. BirdSpy also puts your private information such as personal passwords at risk, as the attacker can gain access to them as well. Additional malware may be placed on your computer, which may become slow or even crash.

It is advised that you remove BirdSpy immediately once detected. To remove BirdSpy manually, you must kill all associated running processes, then delete all related files and values located in the Windows registry. Manual removal is not advised due to the risk of damage to your PC. To remove BirdSpy automatically, it is suggested you use a legitimate antispyware removal tool such as Spyzooka, which is made for this purpose.

BirdSpy Trojan,

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