.Dzya.A is a Trojan-Backdoor

.Dzya.A goes beyond being merely irritating to being an actual threat. Most adware programs are just annoying; in that they send you pop up ads and bog your computer down. This program is a Trojan-Backdoor, which constitutes a real threat to your computer’s security. Of course, it still has all the annoying features of basic adware.

The standard procedure that all adware takes when you get it pretty much goes like this. First, it gets downloaded and installed, mostly without your knowledge or consent. Some, like this one, do have to have some interaction from you to get downloaded, but when they’re bundled with a program you are actually downloading, commands to download that get applied to this, as well.

The next thing that happens is that usually, adware will connect with their designated server to check for updates. Once that is done, they will typically search your computer for information about your browsing history. Usually this means browsing your Temp Folder looking for browsing histories and tracking cookies. They then send this data to the remote server, which creates a running profile of your computer’s browsing habits. Based on this information, it will then send customized pop up advertisements to your computer.

This is where .Dzya.A is different than many forms of adware. Being a Trojan-Backdoor, it allows the remote server, possibly an actual hacker, more direct access to your computer’s information. Essentially, a backdoor bypasses all of your security software. Your entire computer could get hijacked, although this is not often the case. Most people using this software are content with just downloading more adware and maybe a virus or two on your computer this way. This, however, is quite serious enough!

Pop up is the generic term for the various forms of advertisement adware gives you. Included in this description are pop ups, popunders, banners and imbedded links. Regardless of the form, these are often the most annoying part of adware programs, mainly because they’re the most visible. The real problem is the cost your computer pays in performance while it’s infected. It seems that no matter how much RAM your computer has, spyware has a way of using it up so that you’re clunking and locking up every time.

This is definitely a bug to remove as soon as you can if you get it. I highly suggest getting SpyZooka as your clean up tool. If you’re not infected, it’s even better to get SpyZooka. Not only do we offer a 100% guaranteed removal of all spyware, but we also offer protection from future infections with the same means that we can make the 100% removal guarantee. We have a bot scouring the internet, 24/7, looking for new spyware definitions to add to our library. This means that within minutes of a spyware release, we’ve found out about it and have started to work on squashing the bug. If we can kill it, we can keep it away from you, it’s that simple!


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