eXPress Antivirus 2009 Doesn’t Even Make a Good Try

It’s a well used technique by many rogue security tools to try and appear to be a normal part of a Windows Operating System.  The rogue tools that try this approach have varying degrees of success in their appearance.  eXPress Antivirus 2009 makes a gesture this way, but fails miserably.

The specific points where eXPress Antivirus 2009 tries to appear like a normal part of a Windows OS are in the name and the use of the shield icon.  The “XP” in the name, “eXPress Antivirus 2009” is in a different font color from the rest of the letters, and the shield icon might be mistaken to imply that it’s a Windows approved security tool.

Really, that’s where the similarity between eXPress Antivirus and a Windows tool ends.  Beginning with the shield, the color scheme is all wrong to imply that it’s a Windows approved tool.  Windows has never used brown and black as a primary color scheme.  This color scheme permeates the rest of the “scanning window.”

The font, as well, bears no resemblance to any Windows products.  It probably would be better if eXPress Antivirus 2009 didn’t at all try to imply a connection to Windows.  That, or not have an appearance like it’s a throwback to the ‘70s.

Of course, we can’t forget the biggest difference between eXPress Antivirus and a real Windows tool.  It’s a rogue program, and nothing about it resembles a legitimate program.

The sales approach is beyond aggressive and goes on into terroristic.  eXPress Antivirus, like all other rogue tools, infects your computer with spyware to convince you to buy its product.  Besides actually infecting you, it tells you that you have a horrendous virus infection, when you really don’t.

Think of it this way, eXPress Antivirus makes your computer sick.  Then it lies to you about what the sickness is.  But wait, there’s more.  It also lies and tells you that it has a solution.

eXPress Antivirus wants you to think that it’s the only program that can fix your problem.  Given the emergency status of your computer, the price is worth it.  More lies.

The reality of the situation is that you probably don’t have a virus problem, eXPress Antivirus does not work on cleaning viruses, the asking price is too expensive, and you could be exposed to identity theft.  A rip-off by any other name is still a rip-off.

That’s the major thing to keep in mind.  If you pay for eXPress Antivirus, you’re essentially handing your credit card over to a criminal.  What’s more, the law can’t touch them, since they usually operate out of Russia.

Now, you may be wondering how to avoid eXPress Antivirus.  It hides on infected websites, mostly involving free videos.  It also has its own website at, and probably other sites at this time.  Ultimately, the only smart thing you can do is have a good antispyware program.

I suggest SpyZooka, not just because it’s my program, but because we have the best protection.  No one else can present a 100% removal guarantee.  Our technology is far and away the best out there.

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