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SpeedBlaster is an adware program sold by TotalVelocity which is supposed to increase the speed of your Internet connection by altering MTU, RWIN, and other Windows settings. This software claims to “optimize” your Internet connection. SpeedBlaster is normally bundled with TVMedia.tvmbho and includes a Terms of Service agreement that clearly states, “by using this software, you may be exposed to contaminated files, computer viruses, eavesdropping, harassment, electronic trespassing, hacking and other harmful acts or consequences that might lead to unauthorized invasion of privacy, loss of data and other damages.”

Basically, it is stating that if you download this software, you are agreeing to have your personal information tracked and transmitted, that other software may be installed on your PC, and your privacy can and will be invaded with or without any notification to you.
SpeedBlaster is bundler adware that often includes other software components with the installer file. These components are called “Third Party Software” or “Bundled Software.” Developers often get paid to bundle third party software with their own and the terms are usually hidden in the fine print of the End User License Agreement.

Examples of bundlers: KaZoom, Kazaa Media Desktop, Morpheus, and iMesh.
To manually remove this adware you must uninstall both the TV Media and MemoryMeter applications via the ADD/REMOVE Programs Control Panel. This can be tricky, especially if you are not computer savvy. To ensure that you are removing all traces of SpeedBlaster, it is recommended that you invest in anti-spyware software. Visit SpyZooka, and scan your PC for free.

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TV Media\Tvm.exe
TV Media\TvmBho.dll
TV Media\TvmCore.dll

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