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Infokey is an adware program of Korean origin that was first discovered on November 20 of 2006.  It was developed by Infokey and is primarily delivered from

Infokey claims that:  “Infokey provides us the adware InfoKey that is free to download and free from all adware or any spyware. It does not show pop up ads or any advertisements. It also searches what we want. It is a free software tool like no other.”  There is a contradiction in this statement.  It says that it’s adware, but that it’s adware free.  It also says that:  “It is free to download.  It is free from adware or any spyware.  It does not show pop up ads or advertisements.  Finds what we want.”

There is a bit of controversy about whether or not InfoKey is, in fact, adware.  However, it does have Browser Hijacking behaviors, such as resetting your home page and browser redirection.  It doesn’t really seem to “find what we want.”

In the end, InfoKey is not a program you would like to have.  You should remove it with a reputable antispyware tool.  The highest ranking antispyware tool is SpyZooka.

Also Known As:

Adware. InfoKey, Adware.Win32.InfoKey

Associated Files:

recommendlink recommendsite.dll
Program FilesinfokeyLicense.txt
Program Filesinfokeyrecommendsite.dll
Program Filesinfokeyuninstall.exe
Program Filesinfokeyupdatecheck.exe

SoftwareClassesInterface {ee12b757-ed68-493c-b350-00d49111bfb0}
SoftwareClassesClsid {640f6a12-003c-4251-acf1-4ca7e3a6df83}
SoftwareClassesInterface {af4bf536-551c-4383-8c04-7fc5e41d2dbe}
SoftwareClassesTypelib {6b45d734-2e46-4a81-8f91-58a0c93d055b}
SoftwareClassesClsid {8b5dee6d-c705-4ac1-b0e3-bc0d1208f283}
SoftwareClassesInterface {3714fb55-2c9d-413b-b4f2-f003c24a189d}
SoftwareClassesTypelib {381fd3a0-b02d-4366-8311-0b82b3935b2d}

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