Is SmitFraudFixTool Trustworthy?

By now, you know that rogue anti-spyware programs run rampant online. I can tell you that SmitFraudFixTool should be added to this list. It is a total fake, designed to take your money just like the rest of them. It enters your operating system via trojans like Zlob and Vundo, which are usually disguised as video codecs. This program is absolutely useless.

SmitFraudFixTool will display messages to you through pop-up advertisements and fake system notifications, warning that there are numerous infections on your computer. While you may have threats on your pc, don’t fall for these threat alerts. This application cannot detect or remove infections, and produces fake scan results. This is just an attempt to get you to purchase their fake product.

If you do learn that spyware is installed on your pc, you need to get rid of it. There are many software programs that are legitimate and are made for the purpose of scanning your computer for infections, then removing them. I have found that even most legitimate programs don’t work as well as they should. Before we get into the solution for removing spyware, maybe a short lesson is in order in case you aren’t familiar with this software and what it does.

Spyware is software that gets placed on your pc without your permission, and usually without your knowledge. Most of the time it comes from other software you have downloaded such as freeware, free music downloads, weather and such. Will you know it’s there after it has been installed? You bet. In fact, you can’t miss it. There are many symptoms, and some spyware is more threatening than others.

If your computer is infected, here are some of the things you will no doubt notice. Pop-up and banner ads will display incessantly, and your computer may become very sluggish. On start up, it may move very slowly, and you may notice that your homepage has changed. While you may not experience every symptom, you will have some. Your browser may have a new toolbar, or your searches may be redirected to strange websites.

Usually you will see that the pop-up ads you receive are related to your online searches. You may think this is strange, but that’s how spyware works. It actually tracks what you are doing when you are on the internet. Your searches and the websites you visit are no secret to these software programs. You have to remove this malicious stuff, because it can also gain access to your passwords and private information.

If you are getting display ads from SmitFraudFixTool or any other rogue program, I highly recommend you remove it immediately. Spyzooka will do the job, and it’s the only one that guarantees your security will be completely restored with just one scan. Don’t take chances; get the job done the first time. Infections, viruses, trojans and other parasites are gone, and security restored both to your pc and your personal information.

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