Win32.KillDientes is a backdoor spyware program with RAT (remote access tool) abilities.  SexQuiz.exe acts as the server for Win32.KillDientes.  When this nasty program is launched, you will get the following message “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”  This is a fake warning and this program is only trying to infiltrate your PC in order to give access to another attacker.

The author of this parasite is Zitus and it was created in October of 2000.  The other unfortunately reality is that it will affect all systems including Windows 98 and later.


Related Files:
sexquiz.exe. killdientes.exe


Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

For manual removal of Win32.KillDientes, you should use task manager to kill all the programs processes.  Then you must delete the original files and folders.  Lastly, delete all registry keys.  Please note that this will only eliminate Win32.KillDientes but it will not keep you protected from any additional malware.  In order to keep yourself fully secure, enlist a reputable spyware removal program like SpyZooka.  SpyZooka offers 100% spyware removal with a guarantee that if all spyware is not completely eliminated, you will receive your money back.

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  1. Thomas Addams says:

    Spyzooka is just a superior product.
    I was having all kinds of problems with Win32.KillDientes. I tried everything to get rid of it and nothing worked. Using SpyZooka was the best choice ever! My computer is like new!

  2. Joe Miah says:

    Very fast scan, stable as rock, and repair stuff that you did not think that it’s a risk for the system. Very recommended and unlike lots of security programs, SpyZooka does not need a lot of experience to deal with it.

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