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MraSearch is a spyware program pretending to be a browser add-on.  It was first discovered on September 7 of 2006.  Its primary mode of transmission is by an ActiveX enabled drive-by download.  It installs itself invisibly on your system, so you won’t know that you’re infected immediately.  Chances are, it was transmitted from an affiliate site of the adware’s vendor.

MraSearch generates pop-up ads and has no spyware capabilities.  These are annoying, but not serious threats to your computer’s safety or your privacy.  It can slow down your browser, but most likely will not cause it to crash.

MraSearch is also a Browser Hijacker.  It redirects your browser to its affiliate sites.  This feature will typically work only if you enter a non-existent URL in the Browser.

MraSearch serves no purpose but to deliver advertising to your computer.  It is scarcely more than an annoyance, but you will probably want to remove it.

Some websites offer manual removal instructions for MraSearch and other adware and spyware programs.  Use of these instructions is discouraged.  It is highly technical, time consuming and potentially dangerous for your computer if you perform manual removals.  Also, the instructions may be inaccurate, possibly resulting in an incomplete removal or damage to your computer’s registry.

Instead, you should use a reputable adware removal tool.  SpyZooka is the highest rated antispyware/adware tool on the market, and has proven to be able to remove this threat.

Also Known As:

Associated Files:
%systemdir% mrasearch.dll
CLSID {30DA811B-BCBF-4aa7-B5E3-CEE0E03EF2B2}
CLSID {83821C2B-32A8-4DD7-B6D4-44309A78E668}

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