Win32.NeoRat is yet another backdoor Trojan that will infiltrate a user’s system by way of IRC or Internet Relay Chat, spam e-mail, freeware or shareware and 3rd party programs.  Among some of the most dangerous malware out there, it is capable of hijacking your computer to use it as a professional spamming machine.

Win32.NeoRat will also perform DoS attacks and allow a hacker to gain full control of your machine.   Not one to leave a party unnoticed, Win32.NeoRat will leave the following fingerprints: 4e423cb224548790…, b890d3397601a910…, c16f153b09c05d53.  More clues as to detection of the pest include a file size of 24989 bytes and that the file is compressed with FSG.


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Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

Clear Win32.NeoRat manually by removing all files and folders and killing all running processes associated with Win32.NeoRat.  These pests will sometimes never die, however.  They are designed to pop back up if not removed properly.  To ensure safe, reliable and thorough removal of all spyware, you can trust SpyZooka.

SpyZooka is a reputable anti-spyware application that has been removing countless numbers of spyware for years.  Numerous awards and recognition from experts in the field attest to the safety and efficacy of SpyZooka.  For fast results, try SpyZooka.

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  1. Elise Gallagher says:

    I used SpyZooka and was able to find and eliminate Win32.NeoRat, a trojan that my antivirus software had failed to detect. After running SpyZooka, the “blue screen of death” problem I’d been having went away.

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