NGVCK is a parasite. It is designed to damage the stability of the infected computer. It spreads to other computers rapidly thus reproducing itself on the new infected computers.


Security Risk
NGVCK poses a high security risk due to its ability to propagate.

Fela Trojan,

Related Files

Manual Removal Instructions:
1.    Stop the following processes
a.    flea.exe
2.    Delete the following files
a.    flea.exe

Software Removal Instructions:
SpyZooka can detect NGVCK and any other spyware on your computer. It can easily remove NGVCK with the click of a button. Click the button below to start the free spyware scan.

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Richards says:

    A couple of days ago my computer became infected. Avast detected win32:small-epj, win32:NGVCK-E, win32:Kuang2 ans win32:Trojan-gen. About a minute later it detected a large amount of emails attempting to be sent. So I unplugged my network connection, downloaded a bunch of anti-malware tools and set to scanning and cleaning my computer.

    AVG Anti-spyware detected rootkit.Agent.ey and Spybot found win32.murlo.ff and PWS.LDPinchIE. Panda Software ActiveScan found and cleaned Generic Malware, Trj/Downloader.PBN, Exploit/iFrame and w32/Klex.I.

    Now it seems like my computer may be clean, but I wanted to double check on that, so I try with SpyZooka. It seems that is ok for now and is working fine.

  2. Dya Rosevelt says:

    A friend has McAfee Virus Online. A scan shows 534 files infected, mostly by NGVCK.a virus.

    After running the scan, it says it can’t clean the files, and gives me the opportunity to quarantine them. However, some of them are system files and it seems like a quarantine would make the system inoperable.

    I have downloaded NGVCK remover and it seems like it’s gone. For now the computer is working fine.

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