Pagomaster is a dialer that uses your computer’s modem to connect to the internet through high-cost toll and overseas numbers. Pagomaster usually installs on your PC through unsecure or questionable websites you may visit, and sometimes installs without your knowledge or consent. If connected, the premium cost numbers dialed through your modem will be charged to your telephone bill. Most of these malicious infections may install additional malware on your computer, which can make your system perform poorly. Your PC may become slow or even crash. Pagomaster should be completely removed once detected.

Manual removal may be done by locating related files in the registry and deleting them, or using the add/remove programs located in your control panel. This action is not recommended because of the risk of damage to your PC if not done properly. It is best to use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, which is made specifically to remove all infections and parasites with one scan.

Pagomaster Module Dialer,

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  1. Nathan Holt says:

    SpyZooka is the best anti-spyware software around right now, because it helped me remove Pagomaster. I tried 6 other software before, but all failed.

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