Pccleaner – You’ll Want To Clean Up This Mess!

Once you know the signs, it’s fairly simple to spot a rogue antispyware program like Pccleaner. The problem is not many people know the signs until they are forced to deal with it face to face, and it can be very convincing in its attempts to get you to travel further down the road of spyware infection by compelling you to download even more of its phony fixes, which are nothing more than more spyware to make your computing life even more miserable.

Pccleaner usually arrives on your computer via a Trojan such as Zlob or Vundo or a suspect video download, and then proceeds to set up camp on your machine and start harassing you with popups that implore you to deal with all the security threats that Pccleaner has “uncovered” for you, which are also phony. All of this is done in an attempt to get you to download their premium upgrade that will clean your computer from all these supposed threats. Once you give in and do this, you then download even more spyware and adware onto your machine, much of it far worse than what was there previously, and some of these programs can and will mine your computer for all your personal information, which can then become a full-fledged disaster as possibly your banking information, credit card numbers and m ore are out there floating around available to the bad guys. Not a pretty thought, right?

I wouldn’t advise trying to delete Pccleaner yourself, as you are nearly certain to miss entries that will make your efforts an exercise in futility. Much better to employ a legitimate antispyware software solution such as SpyZooka, which will rid your computer of all traces of Pccleaner and its buddies. It comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee and will get your machine clean again fast!


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