PSGuard is a rogue security program designed to convince innocent users that spyware and other parasites exist on their PC.  PSGuard uses aggressive and misleading security warnings and fake system notifications to frighten the user, so that they will purchase PSGuard to remove these threats.  This malicious application is actually malware.

PSGuard has no ability to scan the PC, nor can it detect or remove malware or any other parasite.  PSGuard may track your online activities and interests, so that any information collected about your search interests may be sent to remote servers and used for malicious intentions.  Private data like personal passwords and online business account data may be at risk as well.  PSGuard may also install additional spyware, which will make matters worse.


Recommended Action:
Remove Immediately

PS Guard

Manual Removal:
In order to remove PSGuard manually, all running process must be killed.  It is then essential that all related files and values be located in the Windows registry so that they can be removed.  If not done correctly, manual removal can cause severe damage to your PC.

To remove PSGuard automatically, it is recommended that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as SpyZooka, which is intended specifically for this purpose and 100% guaranteed.

Related Files:
intell32.exe, psguard.exe, psguardinstall.exe, core.dll, localization.dll, oleext.dll, oleext32.dll, wndsystem.dll, uninstiu.exe, wppp.html

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2 Responses

  1. Abbey Cole says:

    I am using AdAware to scan my PC, and after EVERY scan, this Malware.Psguard will be detected. After deleting it and scanning my PC again, the same Malware will be detected! I ran a scan with SpyZooka and it found it too…but I’m afraid if it won’t delete it…

  2. Felix Silvester says:

    I have tried AdAware for this virus but with no help. Give a try to SpyZopoka. For me it worked. Good luck!

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