PuritySCAN Isn’t So Pure After All

There are some programs on the Internet that can be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, some programs that are helpful also have a secret agenda and will become burdensome and annoying. PuritySCAN happens to be one of these programs. If you have PuritySCAN on your computer, then you should get rid of it as soon as you can.

Usually PuritySCAN is downloaded and installed manually. PuritySCAN promises to scan your computer for adult material and display the files or URLs so that you can delete the objectionable material from your computer. While this feature can be useful, there is another side to PuritySCAN that isn’t as appealing.

Whenever you start up Windows, you will be starting up PuritySCAN. When you search the Internet, then PuritySCAN will deliver pop up ads to you. These ads may be based on the content of the websites you have been visiting, or they may be predetermined ads. Either way, the pop ups will be very bothersome.

PuritySCAN also has a self-sustaining feature. It can automatically update itself without your consent. These updates may also include other programs from third parties. These programs installed by PuritySCAN may not have anything to do with how it works, but they will be downloaded in the name of “Updating.”

The only good thing about PuritySCAN is that it offers to scan your computer for objectionable material. But even this is somewhat deceptive as that is not PuritySCAN’s ultimate goal.

In order to remove PuritySCAN from your computer, you need to get SpyZooka. While you can manually remove PuritySCAN, there may be files that are left behind, even after you are told that uninstallation is complete. Programs usually leave files behind in case you ever wish to download the program again.

Having SpyZooka as your anti-spyware program will ensure that every file that has been created by PuritySCAN will be removed. That’s because SpyZooka is the only anti-spyware program that guarantees 100% removal of spyware. That is the kind of protection that you need. So buy SpyZooka today.

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