Registry Elite

Registry Elite is a malicious and manipulative fake registry cleaner. It’s a malware and it’s a clone of two other infections named PC Doc Pro and Spy Doc Pro. It is also known as Registry Elite or Registry.Elite. This malware makes your pc to display bogus RegistryElite AV pop ups and fake scans, to determine you to buy it. It will ask you to upgrade or to purchase a license key for this fake protection program.

After the installation, your computer slows down dramatically and it is almost impossible to browse the internet, and things on your pc are changing by themselves.

Registry Elite may spread via trojans, may install additional spyware to your computer and may also violate your privacy and compromise computer security. It is a rogue tool that infects computers through trojans distributed on the websites of RegistryElite.

This fake tool will try to make you doubt about your computer, but there is nothing that should make you concerned. You should pay attention when you are visiting websites, because a domain like or distributes trojans and this fake registry cleaner with them.

You will be asked to download the free trial of RegistryElite, that can help you remove the spyware that infected you. Once the trial version is installed, it starts a full scan of the computer and it will show you a lot of non-existing errors, so you should buy the full version. Once installed, it starts generating system scans and scary notifications, errors, and it offers its services for the removal of nonexistent problems. RegistryElite will display fake registry problems and may install additional spyware to your computer. It never detects any real problems affecting the Windows Registry, so RegistryElite is a dangerous application. It will try to convince you that on your machine are running all types of malicious threats, but you should know that everything associated with RegistryElite is just a scam.

A typical Rogue Anti-Spyware keeps track your internet browsing habits, sending your browsing history data to remote servers, owned by third party companies that use this information to advertise their products via numerous pop-ups, toolbars, hijacked homepages and spam letters.

If the computer’s performance is slower than usual, some things are changing, even if you  don’t do it yourself, if scan reports has taken place and you receive fake results of the scan, and you are receiving scary security notifications, it means that the computer is infected with RegistryElite. Sometimes, RegistryElite installs unwanted software, without your knowledge and consent. Your computer performance will became slower, but you can’t remove the program.

Before the removal of the so called problems, you will be asked to pay, because the money is the reason why scam has been released. You should remove RegistryElite immediately after detection, but you should be warned about the risks of causing other damage to your computer if you do something incorrectly. Most of rogue Anti-Spyware, such as Registry Elite, is nearly impossible to remove manually.

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2 Responses

  1. Dyana N says:

    I often asked myself why scan so many times especially after each virus definition update which can be a few times daily. I never turned realtime, e-mail, web scans off at any time. Of course, it’s good to scan again and again just in case (been doing that for a few years now and never caught any nasties during the scans, most nasties were detected at point of download or file creation) and that’s a conservative approach.
    With all that, my computer was still running slowly so I’ve decided to remove my old antivirus and give a try to Spyzooka, because I refused to pay a fake licence. So, without loosing any files, my computer runs normally, and since I’ve installed Spyzooka all the old problems are gone.
    So the people who create Spyzooka deserves all my thanks!

  2. Ramo K. says:

    Registry Elite is a fake registry cleaner that promised to boost my PC performance. SpyZooka removed this virus and my computer is back to normal.Thanks!

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