Removal Instructions for Err Clean

Registry cleaners are important, but you must be very careful so as not to accidentally download a rogue cleaner like Err Clean. Though this rogue is often downloaded manually, it also sneaks onto computers through Trojan horses. Once it has infected a computer, it will give false warnings about registry errors. It will fabricate errors in order to trick the user into buying the full version of its program.
If you allow Err Clean to remain on your computer, it will cause it to slow down, generate pop-ups, change your homepage, and may even download other malware. If it has infected your computer, then you should remove it as soon as you can. In order to remove it manually, start by stopping the following processes:


Relative file contents:
System Error Repair.lnk
Uninstall System Error Repair.lnk
You should also delete the following files:
System Error Repair.lnk
Uninstall System Error Repair.lnk

Though you may remove Err Clean manually, you should also be aware that your computer may still be infected with malware. Since it may be downloaded by a Trojan or may download other malware, your computer could still be at risk. In order to properly protect your computer, you should use a quality antispyware program to completely clean your PC.

SpyZooka is a quality antispyware application that has been approved by the Better Business Bureau. It is the only legitimate antispyware guaranteed to remove 100% of spyware and malware. Since it uses a robot to search through over 100 million pages every day for new malware, you can really count on its guarantee. So, if you want the best in antispyware, then you want SpyZooka.

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  1. Sally Mouns says:

    I’ve downloaded Err Clean by myself, thinking that it is a registry cleaner. Now it keeps telling me that my computer is infected and I have no idea how can I delete it, because I can’t found it in add/remove programs.
    A friend told me about this site and I really hope that it will work.

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