Remove AVSystemCare

AVSystemCare is a rogue security program that usually installs with the help of malicious trojans or via security loopholes. AVSystemCare is designed by hackers for the intention of tricking the user into purchasing a useless product via aggressive security alerts. AVSystemCare may affect the performance of your PC, due to the fact that these malicious applications often disable system files and use large amounts of resources and memory. Private data may be collected as well, and transmitted to third parties. AVSystemCare is spyware, and is not capable of removing anything from your computer or protecting it.

Recommended Action:
Immediate Removal with Legitimate Antispyware Tool

AV System Care, Adware.Win32.AVSystemCare

Manual Removal:
To remove AVSystemCare manually, you must first stop all associated running processes. You then must detect and delete all related files and values in the Windows registry and other various locations. Manual removal is not recommended due to the level of difficulty and risk of damage to your computer. To remove AVSystemCare automatically, a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka is advised.

Related Files:
Uninstall AVSystemCare.lnk

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  1. Billy Briggs says:

    I managed to get rid of AVSystemCare by running SpyZooka. Everything seems so easy with this program! Just 2 minutes and AVSystemCare is history!

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