Remove ExtraAntivirus

ExtraAntivirus is a rogue security software program that displays fake threat warning alerts to the PC user. It is advertised as security software for Windows, and claims to have many beneficial tools and uses. This bogus application normally installs through a trojan virus that resides on malicious websites. ExtraAntivirus offers the user a free scan to detect and remove threats, then of course states that the infections cannot be removed without purchasing the full product. Fake antispyware programs like this pose a serious risk of damage to your computer as well as your personal identity.

Recommended Action: Immediate and Complete Removal

Manual Removal:  Removing ExtraAntivirus manually is possible, although not recommended. All running processes must be killed, and related files completely deleted. Hidden files are commonly a problem, and prevent total removal which places your PC and personal information at further risk. When all files related to ExtraAntivirus are not completely eliminated this application with re-install upon start up. Complete removal requires the use of a legitimate antispyware application.

Related File Content:

ExtraAV.exe chkdisk.dll,

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