Searchassistant Removal Information

Searchassistant is very difficult to remove. It is known to reset every time you start up Internet Explorer. The first indicator that you have Searchassistant is the resetting of the start page; it directs you to online shopping site called There will also be a huge uptake in pop-up advertising.

Searchassistant has been reported to cause problems such as slow performance, loss of data or leaking private information. All browser plug-in adware can be a threat to your security, and are more than just pop-up ads.

This program is so hard to remove because there are 180 different files and registry changes tied to it! If you think you have it, try SpyZooka’s free computer scan. SpyZooka offers auto-updating so you get the most current protection, all with a money-back guarantee! Try it today!

Relative file contents:

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