ShopMonBack is a backdoor program that gives the hacker access to your computer allowing him to control it from a remote location. This is done without your knowledge or permission. ShopMonBack compromises the integrity of your system, so that the hacker may use it for malicious purposes. This application may disable or modify system files which are necessary for normal functioning.

To remove ShopMonBack manually, you must kill all associated running processes. Then you must detect all related files and values in the Windows registry in order to delete them. Manual removal is not advised due to the possibility of severe damage to your PC when done incorrectly. To remove ShopMonBack and all other parasites automatically, it is recommended that you use a reliable antispyware program such as Spyzooka to detect and remove all traces of infection.


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  1. Vale Fireman says:

    I’ve noticed that my computer is running slow and is working by itself… I ran a scan with my anti virus and it found “ShopMonBack”. I tried to remove it, but my av couldn’t manage this. I read on this site about what it means and how harmful it is, so I decided to download the removal tool. A very good decision. Thanks for helping me!

  2. Jim Knoll says:

    I had a different spyware remover program that didn’t find hardly anything. It wouldn’t remove ShopMonBack SpyZooka did completely.

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