SmitFraud FixTool Only Helps Those in Organized Crime

Those of you that are familiar with rogue software might have heard of SmitFraud Fix, but don’t be fooled because SmitFraud FixTool is not the same. SmitFraud Fix is a program that was designed to remove rogue software. SmitFraud FixTool is just another scam designed to trick people.

SmitFraud FixTool is rogue software. The scammers out there have designed a rogue software program and called it the same thing as a real rogue software removal utility. Unfortunately that is what the con artist and criminals do.

Just like all of the other rogue software scammers’ use, SmitFraud FixTool to create false reports and warning windows telling the user their computer is infected and to successfully remove the malicious software the user has to buy a full version.

Those people that have been scammed by SmitFraud FixTool can attest to the sheer worthlessness of this rogue software. SmitFraud FixTool tells the user that their computer is infected, but the program does not even have any code designed to scan in the first place.

Not only does SmitFraud FixTool lack the ability to scan, it also installs trojans that take advantage of the ActiveX Codec feature that all Microsoft Windows operating systems use. The most common trojan that SmitFraud FixTool installs is the Zlob Trojan.

The Zlob Trojan was first discovered in late 2005 and since then there has been at least 32 different variants, with more being discovered every day. The Zlob Trojan is popular because it can infect a computer in many different ways. Some of the ways are through online massaging programs and online games.

I have heard of people getting their computers infected with SmitFraud FixTool by simply playing World of Warcraft or chatting on Yahoo Messenger. All of this is due to the Zlob Trojan. Removing SmitFraud FixTool can be relatively easy, but cleaning the Zlob Trojan from a hard drive is much more difficult.

It is currently unknown who created the Zlob Trojan, but many people in the industry believe that the Russian Business Network is responsible. The Russian Business Network is considered by some to be the worst organized cybercrime syndicate in the world. It is believed that this particular group of cybercriminals has been stealing hundreds of millions of dollars a year with programs like SmitFraud FixTool. Most, but not all rogue software programs can be tied back to the Russian Business Network, if not directly, at least through the use of malicious code.

The problems associated with cybercrime are growing and many of the groups responsible are in foreign countries with political ties that protect their interests. The Russian Business Network is reported to have political ties with many of the world’s governments. Nobody can say for certain if the Russian Business Network is responsible of SmitFraud FixTool, but we here at Spyzooka can guarantee removal.

Spyzooka is the only malware removal program willing to offer its users a 100% guarantee. With Spyzooka installed on your computer you are guaranteed to be safe from some of the world’s worst cybercriminals.

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